We Help Executives Succeed During Times of Change and Uncertainty

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Many senior executives have limited experience leading in today’s increasingly complex, ambiguous and volatile environment.

Effective leadership requires a skillset and capacity that is both like and unlike what leaders have already experienced and learned.

As a result, they are often uncertain about how to succeed.

Executives deserve to feel assured and confident and to possess the tools to navigate disruption.

Optimal Global Performance Solutions understands the challenges of leading in difficult and unfamiliar circumstances.

Optimal Global Performance Solutions assists senior executives around the world to successfully adapt – from transitioning into new leadership roles to developing and implementing critical institutional initiatives.

Optimal Global Performance Solutions draws on research and insights to provide executives with strategies and tools to navigate change and disruption.

Optimal Global Performance Solutions specializes in supporting:

  • Externally hired senior executives
  • First-time executives
  • Women and minority executives of color
  • Executives undertaking significant institutional changes
  • Executives seeking to strengthen their institutions’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) impact
  • Executives seeking to change careers or jobs

Reserve your appointment immediately to avoid:

  1. Wasting valuable time and energy;
  2. Damaging your credibility and reputation; and
  3. Losing stakeholder trust and support.

By working with OGPS, executives will:

  1. More confidently and decisively make decisions;
  2. Build resilience and tenacity;
  3. Enhance their strategic thinking skills;
  4. Communicate persuasively; and
  5. Drive change within their organizations


Consultative Coaching

This is a solutions-focused tool that provokes thoughtful discussion while offering expert advice to bring about professional change.

Workshops & Masterclasses

These are interactive sessions that increase the impact of executives’ leadership and management.

Public Speaking

Optimal Global Performance Solutions’ speakers discuss topics ranging from diversity, equity, and inclusion to managing conflict to creating greater stakeholder collaboration.

Digital Downloads

Includes courses and E-books.  Optimal Global Performance Solutions offer materials that clients can download, read, watch or listen.


Trusting Your Executive Team

Trusting Your Executive Team

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Are Senior Executives Ready for the New Era?

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Rashad helped me to look at my career in a different way...

by breaking it down into its component parts and not assuming that any one element (or my current ‘conclusions’) was invaluable.

– General Counsel

I needed a boost of confidence to take on a challenge

I reached out to Rashad at a time when I needed a boost of confidence to take on a challenge I set for myself. Through my work with him, I successfully tackled what I set out to do but also took time to learn from the lessons the challenge taught me.

– Senior IP Strategy Counsel

Significantly expanded leadership skills

Rashad’s coaching significantly expanded my leadership skills… He helped me uncover attributes that I valued in leading my team and interacting positively with others.

– University Professor

About Optimal Global Performance Solutions

Optimal Global Performance Solutions empowers senior executives to succeed during periods of uncertainty, change and volatility.  We provide executives with the proven resources and tools to succeed – from changing careers to persuading key stakeholders to undertaking major organizational changes.